How To Add Moisture To Air With Fireplace

How To Add Moisture To Air With Fireplace?

If you are looking for a decorative way to add moisture to the air in your home, cast iron kettles are perfect. A hot fire will quickly dry out the air in your home, especially when you rely on your wood stove for heating your home in the winter.

In order to keep a decent amount of humidity in the air, and cast iron kettle that is filled with water can be set right on the top of the wood stove. Iron kettles filled with water on your wood stove can help prevent static electricity, nose bleeds, dry eyes, respiratory problems, and skin irritation that come with having dry heat in your home during the cold months.

Not only do cast iron kettles look wonderful sitting on top of a wood stove, but it can help make your home smell nice too. There are a wide variety of fragrance oils that you can purchase, including lavender, patchouli, and rose.

You simply add a few drops of the fragrance directly to the water in the iron kettles. As the water steams up and evaporates out the kettle’s spout, the scent will be carried by the steam and will disperse throughout the home. Essential oils work great in iron kettles.

You can also purchase a decorative trivet that will help protect your wood stove. Simply place the trivet directly onto the stove and then place the iron kettle on top of the trivet. Having the trivet underneath the kettle will also help prevent the kettle from burning or getting too hot and boiling over.

If you have a smaller home, iron kettles should be enough to bring the humidity level in your home to a comfortable level. If you live in a larger home, in addition to iron kettles, you could place humidifiers in each bedroom.

Each home’s layout will ultimately decide on how to get the humidity in your home to a more comfortable level. It is important to point out that food cannot be cooked in these kettles, which means you cannot boil water in these types of kettles to make tea or add to a soup.

Cast iron kettles are mostly for decorative purposes, with the added feature of adding moisture to the air. Cast iron kettles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you are sure to find one that matches the decor of the room, as well as matches your personality.

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